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November 8, 2012

Target Organization Dollar Spot Items

Target has some nice organizational items in their Dollar Spot right now!  I think these are more of stocking stuffers, but they do make getting organized fun.

The snowman and sunglasses are actually headphone holders!  I thought these were so cute and there were many different styles to choose from, like a cassette, hamburger and much more.  We have lots of headphones laying around and have actually put some of these to use.  It helps keep them together and I think we won't loose them as much.

I was so excited to see the six types of task pads that I grabbed one of each!  Here's what each one is for.

-Things to do around the house.
-Day Plan
-We're out of grocery checklist
-Meals this week planner
-Travel packing check list
-To Do weekly planner

Each of these comes with 40 sheets each.  These are perfect to get motivated to stay organized.  My favorite ones out of all six have to be the Meals this week planner and We're out of grocery checklist, I'm definitely going to be using these for my shopping trips!


What organizational goodies have you found at your local Target store recently?  Which organizational dollar spot item is your favorite? 

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