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October 23, 2012

Shelf Liner Covered Boxes!

I just want to start off by saying, I'm a box hoarder!  If I see a perfectly good box that I feel I can use, I keep it and try to make a home for it.  I'm talking about shoe, diaper and wipes boxes...just to name a few. 

Well the other day I got this genius idea on how to make all these boxes I use pretty enough to want to flaunt around my house, yes out in the open!  What's the secret?  Shelf liner!

I bought some really nice & cheap shelf liner at Marshall's to use for a toy kitchen makeover for my little girl. (I've been meaning to post it and haven't gotten to it yet but will soon!)  This paper came in a 2pk for $5.99 and each roll has 10ft each!  They also come in very nice colors, so I would stop by a Marshall's near you to see if you can find them at your store.

What makes this project so easy is the shelf liner already has lines for you to keep the cut strait, it's already sticky, and it's super fast to do!  So, here's the step-by-step how to cover your boxes.  (I've only done this on shoe boxes.  I'm planing to do a wipes or diaper box soon, but that would be different than this since it's bigger.)



-Shelf Paper

1)  Pick a Pattern & Grab a Box.  Pick a box you think you will have a use for.  If you need something to hold small office supplies, then pic a small box.  I have plenty of small boxes from my little girl's shoes, but you can also use tissue boxes if you don't have kids in the house.  Just cut the top part off first.  Then, pick the patterned paper you want to use.

2)  Measure.  Since my paper has grid lines, I placed my box along the lines and marked it with a pencil.  I made sure to extend the lines a little ways out since we will be cutting the corners of the paper and using them for something else.

To measure how far inside the box you should go, I simply made it as long as the fold already done inside the shoe box, or about an inch into the box.  Make sure this mark falls on a line so you can keep the cut even and mark the line to know where to cut.

3)  Cut & Paste.  After all your marks are made, it's time to cut!  First thing to cut is the corners of the box.  Next we'll cut the the marks that will extend to the inside (if any).  Don't throw this scrap of paper away.  You will cut these scraps from the corners and the edges into strips about an inch wide and the height of the box.  Make sure you have four strips all together.

Now it's time to paste!  Take your 4 strips and stick them to the corners of your box so it looks like the picture above.

When all the strips are on, get your t shaped paper and fold in the outer flaps to make a strait side.  This will help mark where your box will be and also make an edge.

Once all the edges are folded, separate the paper from the sticky shelf liner a bit and cut along the fold.  You are just cutting the back paper!  Make sure you do not cut the shelf liner apart.  Also, do not take the back paper off yet!  You will leave it on and take it off piece by piece so it will be easier to stick onto the box!

After all the folds are cut, take the center piece of back paper off and place the bottom of the box onto the sticky part.  Smooth it out and make sure there are no bubbles.  Do the same for the sides, but fold the extra flaps inside the box one by one.  This technique makes it easy for you to work with the piece of Shelf liner so it doesn't stick in a way you don't want it to and leave messy looking folds.

When you're done, fill your box with anything you want and display it on a desk or even a shelf!

How easy is this project?  I love these boxes and have used them to hold my twine and other crafting materials.

What do you think of this project?  Is this something you'll be trying soon?

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