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August 8, 2012

Make Personalized Coloring Books!

My family and I will be taking a week long vacation in a few days and will be on the road for 16 hours one way, plus 16 hours back!  This is Emma's first real road trip and I'm not sure how she's going to react being in the car for so long, so I'm starting to buy little things here and there and making some items as well.

She really likes to color, but I wanted a personalized coloring book with activities and pages I know she will enjoy. So I've decided to make my own.  I made the following books with these categories.

1) Shapes, Numbers
2) Letters
3) Animals, Cartoon Characters

I got lucky when I found these bracket binders with pockets on sale at Office Depot for just a penny each!!  I'm always printing some coloring pages out for her to color, so finding some is easy!  Here are some that I'm including in her books so you can start one as well.

Number Coloring Pages with Pictures

Alphabet Coloring Pages with Animals

Disney Jr Coloring Pages

Crayola Coloring Pages

You can also add other pages from coloring books you already have, then switch out the pages when they're all colored on.

I like this idea better than a regular coloring book because you can control what you want them to learn about if you're trying to teach them colors, numbers, their ABC's or anything else.  They can even decorate the front of their coloring books with stickers or one of their pictures!  Also, don't forget to make a book with just plain paper so they can color or draw whatever they want!

I think these are perfect for our road trip and can't wait to bring them out for Emma to color on!

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