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August 10, 2012

Emma's Busy Bag - Ideas to Keep Your Toddler Busy in the Car!

We have already started off our vacation and Emma's Busy Bag helped get us to San Antonio!  She didn't fuss at all and had plenty to do.  Now the trip from here to El Paso is what I'm worried about so I'll post an update how that went. (Fingers crossed it goes good).

I wanted to share what her Busy Bag looks like, so here are a few things that I included in her bag along with a few links to more ideas.

1) Cookie Sheet (Not included)- This is a great idea to have for all the snacks and fun things you have packed for them because it fits in their lap and acts like a table!

2) Puzzles (Not Pictured)-  I honestly did take a picture of #1 & 2, but it stayed on my desktop at home.  I'll try to post it up when I get back from my trip for future ideas.  The puzzles I bought her were huge and have one for shapes colors and so on.  I haven't used these yet, but I'm thinking she's gonna love them!

3) Blocks- These kept her busy for a while.

4) Magnets- They're perfect to connect to the cookie sheet and roll around.

5) Magic Marker paper- I love this paper!  It has a sticky back and you can cut sheets out of it.  The best part is they come with magic markers so the color will stay on the paper and not get anywhere else.

6)  Magic Markers-  to go along with the paper.

7)  Colors- To color in her coloring books I made.

8) Flash cards- to teach them things along the way.

9) Little Figures-  Emma loves these little Minnie and Lisa figures.  She takes them everywhere and are small enough to fit anywhere.

10)  Coloring books-  I made my own coloring books for her and filled them with things I know she will want to color.  Her favorite cartoon characters, animals, some shapes so she can identify them and color plus much more!

11) Minnie Mouse to go pack- This little package is filled with stickers, colors and activity book.

12) Stickers- so she can stick them all over her baking sheet, paper, pictures herself (me) and anywhere else that I won't mind as long as she's happy and staying busy.

13) Motor Skills Craft- This kept her busy for a long while and she would take the straws out, put them in, count them, name the colors and line them up on the tray.  I would suggest you make this activity if you have a toddler!

14) DVD Player & DVDs- If all else fails, I've also included a dvd player with some NEW dvd's to entertain her.

You can include anything else you want in your Busy Bag as long as you know it will be something they will enjoy.  For me, I think the true test of this bag is yet to come with the second half of our trip!

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